Refund policy

  • Refunds may be granted up to 30 days from purchase

    Prisna provides refunds to Customers up to 30 days from the day of purchase, only when there's a problem that prevents the product to work correctly. And only when the API key hasn't been successfully used to make translations in its period of life. Since API keys can be reassigned, if Prisna records show that the API key worked correctly on a previous server, such as a development server, Customers won't be entitled to a refund. Customers will be asked to provide a temporary FTP and WordPress admin access to verify the problem. After the problem is verified and cannot by solved by the Tech Support department, a refund will be issued without delay.
  • Overriding terms

    For products and services sold through Prisna, this refund policy will normally override any statements to the contrary contained on a product or service terms and conditions of sale. A refund can only be credited to the original account from which payment was made. If such account is closed, then no refund can be granted. Prisna may take steps to restrict customers that make repeated purchases and requests for refunds from making further purchases through Prisna.
  • Requesting a refund

    Customers should go to the Contact us section and provide the following information:
    • Describe as detailed as possible the problem with the plugin
    • Temporary FTP access, including: host, user name and password
    • Temporary WordPress admin access, including: login URL, user name and password
    • API key(s), listed on the Account page.
  • Agreement to these terms

    Prisna products and services require your agreement to our refund policy. This policy may be updated from time to time, so you should check back regularly.